picture of Danny smiling at the camera


Danny is a queer agender artist who first used art to explore their gender identity, and then grew to use it to affirm others. Survivor of a fundamentalist cult, Danny is determined that other queer people shouldn't grow up without representation. Their art ranges from subtle pride designs if you're not out, to bold statements of pride for those who are! 

Danny's story

When I was a 12 year old kid with long hair and a pet rabbit, I opened an Etsy shop. I sold handmade buttons. It did okay, but it wasn't fulfilling.

I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian cult. Girls weren't allowed to have jobs or wear pants. Boys were supposed to be the spiritual and material providers for their future families. The system was dysfunctional, traumatizing, and full of shame.

I escaped the cult when I was in my mid 20s, and wandered the United States trying to find freedom and who I really was. I worked as a nanny and a receptionist for a small tech company. I indexed books and worked in an urgent care room.

But I was suffering from adrenal fatigue made worse by stress. Even though I looked healthy, I got progressively weaker and more sick until I couldn't hold down a job at all. By the time I moved for the last time, I was nearly bedridden.

When COVID-19 hit the USA, I spent a lot of time alone with myself. I focused on learning to love myself. I realized that not only am I pansexual ("I like the wine, not the label" as David Rose says), but I'm nonbinary.

I finally had permission to be me, and to love being me. I've never been happier.

I met my girlfriend during the pandemic who not only is the most special person to ever enter my life, but also helped me get Queer Ivy Art to where it is today. She runs the nuts and bolts of my website so I can focus on all the affirming artwork you know and love.

I'm so excited to continue to share my story with you through my art and help you have the space to be proud of who you are.

Thank you for your support!