All are Sacred

by Madison Cormick on May 18, 2021
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I’m annoyed at the woo woo cis women who are always like “the uterus is the fLOw of the sAcReD fEmInIne” because this rhetoric if not only nonsense, it’s transphobic.
Not all women have uteruses. Not all people with uteruses are women.
You’re welcome to claim your sacred feminine energy all you want. Women should feel empowered in their bodies. But don’t gender anatomy. Don’t be a TERF. don’t promote a narrative that is harmful to nonbinary people and trans men.
Our bodies are not female bodies. Our bodies are us. Our cycles are not a “sacred feminine flow.” They are nonbinary. They are masculine.
You don’t have to invalidate us in order to empower yourselves, cis women. That’s called oppression and I need you to stop.
Image description: two slides with identical illustrations of uteruses. There is a trans symbol in the middle of them. On one text reads “the sacred nonbinary” and in the other “the sacred trans masculine.” End image description.