My Pronouns are not Optional Fox Print

    My Pronouns are not Optional Fox Print

      • One Size: 8" x 8” High-Quality Art Print
      • Print of Hand-Painted Art on Fine Art Paper

      Product Image does not depict the actual size of the product received. Please note colors may vary slightly from what is shown. I do my best to match these colors with my printing partner. Frame not included.

      You may have known someone their whole life, but this does not give them a free pass to misgender or dead-name you.

      They may be your parent, but that does not give them the right to disrespect your identity.

      And no, respect is not optional. Respect is not earned. (Esteem is!) Respecting pronouns and chosen name is basic, and not something anyone can opt-out of.

      If someone refuses to call you by your name and pronouns, it shows that they do not care for you or your mental health.

      I hope you learn to love yourself so much that you choose to respect yourself and demand the same respect from everyone else in your life. 💜

      Hold your head up high and wear this shirt with pride. Your pronouns are not optional, they are required.